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Victory International Film Festival

Sep 12, 2019 | 7:00PM

Walk the red carpet and celebrate the opening night of the Victory International Film Festival. This inaugural, three-day event, will screen films from the tri-state to around the world and is kicking off at our very own Victory Theatre. Join us as we celebrate the art of film and the community of Evansville.


Here are the films you will see Opening Night:

Duck, Everlasting - Comedy, Animation

An immortal duck's eternal quest for employment lands him in the middle of a CIA infiltration mission.

The Lost Weekend - Drama, Comedy

After a rough breakup, Charlie Monahan dives headfirst into the world of online dating. Guided by his charismatic best friend, Rufus, Charlie meets the charmingly complicated Maggie Mae. Quickly learning the differences between expectations and reality, Charlie's forced to confront the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the digital age. In an era where everyone's connected, Charlie's never felt more apart.

Destination: Unknown - Sci-Fi, Drama, Animation

In the aftermath of a deep space collision, a lone astronaut fights for survival. But to repair his critically damaged ship, he must cross through the malfunctioning Virtual Reality chamber. Therein lurk ghosts of a life left behind on Earth, and questions about the true nature of his secret mission.

Panic Attack - Animation, Psychology

Do you ever wonder "did I leave the coffee on?" or "am I pregnant with a devil-baby?” This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.

Burqa City - Comedy, International

Souleymane and Leila just got married, for better or for worse. The better is that they love each other very much. The worse is that they live in an absurd and kafkaesque country.

Gummi Bear - Drama, Family

Gummi Bear is a story about a brother and sister who learn the extent of their autonomy through a series of everyday occurrences on a day of these kids just trying to be kids.

The Chef - Drama, Sci-Fi

In the near future, when all labor works are replaced by humanoids, a Chinese chef, Pu (60s) is ordered to pass on his cooking skill to a humanoid robot William and to teach him Chinese cooking. Designed to satisfy his owner, William tries to follow Pu’s every instruction, but his robotic demand for precision and perfection is essentially contradictory to Chinese cooking. At the same time, the protests against AI replacing the human labor are more and more intense. Qiang, Pu’s apprentice is also one of the protestors. Since Qiang disappoints Pu time and time again in cooking, Pu starts to get closer with William, which pushes him to the opposite of human beings. Pu becomes at a loss in this dilemma.

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